Optical Illusion Experience Vanna
  • 型号: KJ-157
  • 产品尺寸: cm
  • Interactive exhibits, science museum exhibits
    Custom sizes and colors are optional

Optical Illusion Experience Vanna

You can't properly see upside-down faces.

Try this:

Stand back and look at these upside-down pictures of Vanna White.

Now turn both disks and look at Vanna right-side up.Are you sruprised by the difference?

What's going on?

Upside down,the two pictures look just about the same.But right-side up,one looks normal and one looks grotesque.

Part of your brain is specialized for recognizing and analyzing faces,but it only works properly for right-side up faces.When the faces are upside down,you still recognize the facial features but do not notice that the mouth and eyes are flipped in one of the images.Right-side up,however,your brain analyzes them as faces,and the altered features strongly stand out.